How to close SBI credit card permanently online | How to close SBI credit card customer care

How to close SBI credit card permanently online

Are you thinking about upgrading your SBI Credit Card or transferring to a different credit card company? You should be aware of how to cancel or surrender an SBI credit card.

The cancellation of an SBI credit card may be done both online and offline. We’ll walk you through all of the steps you need to take to properly cancel your SBI credit card, including important factors to consider. Only one thing remains for you to do now: read the whole essay.


What are the options for closing an SBI credit card offline?


There are three offline alternatives for closing an SBI Credit Card in general. We’ll guide you through each of these three alternatives so you may cancel your SBI Credit Card without difficulty.

  • SBI Credit Card Customer Service
  • Pay a visit to the SBI branch closest to you.
  • Send a letter to SBI’s official address.


The SBI Credit Card Cancellation process will begin with any of the processes outlined above. You must now completely comprehend each strategy.

SBI Credit Card Customer Service


The first and most critical step in canceling an SBI credit card is to contact the SBI Credit Card Helpline. These SBI Customer Care Helplines are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for credit card and bank account customers.

You must contact the SBI Call Center to get your SBI Credit Card canceled or deactivated. The executive will ask why you’re giving up your SBI credit card, as well as your card number and other personal details.

When he is satisfied with the information you have provided, he will request that your SBI credit card be cancelled.


Call the SBI Customer Care number listed below to surrender your SBI credit card.

  1. ?18601801290
  2. ?18605001290
  3. ☎ 18001801290
  4. ?39020202 (local STD code as prefix)
  5. ? Official Site: OnlineSBI

Pay a visit to the SBI branch closest to you.

One of the most efficient methods to cancel your SBI credit card is to go to an SBI branch. However, double-check that the SBI credit card you want to deactivate is still in your possession. Carry any necessary credit card account papers with you as well.

Send a letter to SBI’s official address.

Sending a letter to SBI’s official address is another way to cancel an SBI credit card offline. You must include your name, card expiration date, and credit card number in the letter.

The offline options for canceling your SBI Credit Card have previously been discussed. Now we’ll go through the specifics of closing your SBI credit card over the internet.

What are the online ways to close SBI Credit Card?

Credit card closure requests may now be lodged online as banking has grown increasingly digital in recent years. Take a look at the steps outlined below to get started.



The simplest way to cancel an SBI credit card online is to send an email to SBI. You must include the following information in the subject line of your email. “I’d want to get rid of my SBI Credit Card.”


Then fill in your name, email address, home address, and registered phone number, as well as your SBI credit card number.


After your credit card closure request is completed, the State Bank will give you a unique interaction id to your registered phone number. When your credit card is canceled, the State Bank of India will call you and ask for your unique interaction id.

There are a few things you should do before submitting the SBI Credit Card Closure Application.

There are a few things to consider before closing your SBI credit card. Take a look at the points below.

Clear the outstanding debt.

  1. To start, pay off any outstanding debts, such as interest, late fees, and balance transfer fees.
  2. The bank may also contact you to let you know about the situation.
  3. This is a critical step in the cancellation of a credit card.
  4. Before requesting the deletion of your SBI credit card, you must first pay off all outstanding debts and EMIs, according to SBI regulations.

Reward Points Redeeming

  1. Look at your credit card statement or account balance to see how many reward points you’ve earned.
  2. Putting your reward points to good use and taking advantage of special deals and bonuses is always a good idea.
  3. You can use your unused reward points to save money on items from the bank’s reward catalog.

Don’t use your card after you’ve requested a cancellation.

Keep in mind that once your SBI credit card has been canceled, you will not be able to use it again. Your application will be denied if the bank discovers any new debts.

Consumers with low credit limits are now being helped by credit card companies. Get the Milestone Gold Card here if you’re having trouble.

Deactivate the auto-debit feature.

If you’ve set up automatic payments or standing instructions to pay your credit card bills, you’ll need to cancel them first before requesting closure.

Inquire about obtaining a letter of authorization (NOC).

Remember to keep an eye out for a letter from the bank stating that your SBI credit card has been canceled.


An SBI credit card cancellation has a positive effect.


Canceling an SBI credit card has a few advantages.


You can save money on yearly and joining fees by closing a credit card.


Furthermore, deactivating your SBI credit card will prevent you from making impulse purchases.


Excessive or immature use of credit cards can drain your bank account and keep you in debt. Closing a credit card is a better option in this situation.


An SBI credit card cancellation has a negative consequence.


Are you aware that canceling a credit card has consequences? Yes, you’re right. There are a few things to consider before canceling an SBI credit card or any other credit card.


  1. Avoid closing or cancelling your previous credit card at all costs, as this will affect your credit score negatively.
  2. It will enable you to use a smaller portion of your credit limit.
  3. It will have a negative impact on your overall credit history if you close your SBI credit card.


How to Close an SBI Credit Card: Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get rid of my SBI credit card?


You must file an online or offline cancellation request to cancel your SBI credit card. Calling the SBI Helpline or visiting an SBI office is the easiest option. You must, however, send them an email if you wish to cancel your credit card online.


Is it true that canceling my SBI credit card would have a negative impact on my credit score?


Many consumers make the mistake of deactivating their existing credit cards. This will have a negative impact on their credit score and credit history as a whole.


What should I do if I want to deactivate my SBI credit card?


Calling the State Bank of India’s customer care line is the easiest way to cancel your SBI credit card. Call SBI and provide him with all of the essential information to get your credit card terminated.

1860-180-1290/ 39-02-02-02 (Use the local STD code as prefix).


Is it feasible to cancel my SBI credit card from the comfort of my own home?


Yes, you can cancel your SBI credit card through the internet. All you have to do is send an email to your bank asking that your credit card be canceled. Your email must include your name, SBI credit card number, phone number, and address.


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