What is the full form of NGO? (NGO full form)

What is NGO full form?

NGO full form: A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is the full version of the term. An NGO is a non-profit, volunteer group of people formed to address issues such as social structure, children, the poor, the environment, and so on.

NGOs aim to improve socioeconomic conditions and empower people. A non-governmental organization (NGO) is not the same as a for-profit corporation.

NGO full form in the deep mean

NGO is also referred to as NPO (the non-profit organization). It might be organized on a local, city, national, or international scale. NGOs are run by no one and therefore unable to distribute income or profits in this manner. Any money they make from their operations will be reinvested or put towards appropriate non-profit programs.

Any non-profit, volunteer citizens’ group organized on a local, national, or worldwide level is referred to as a non-governmental organization (NGO). NGOs undertake a variety of service and humanitarian roles, bring citizen concerns to governments, promote and monitor policies, and stimulate political engagement through the supply of information. They are task-oriented and motivated by people with a shared interest. Some are centered on specific topics like human rights, the environment, or health.

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Popular NGOs
Uday Foundation
Smile Foundation
Akshaya Trust
HelpAge India
Sargam Sanstha
Udaan Welfare Foundation
Sammaan Foundation
LEPRA Society and so on.
Standard revenue sources to maintain NGO’s
Funding grants from the multilateral organization
Funding from unilateral agencies
Membership fees
Dividends & interest on investments
Miscellaneous sources
Donations and so on.

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